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Photographer: CGB67 / Model: Nick Redmond


The new SS17 “The Fake” collection from Purlicue is an honest representation of the desire of "not wanting to create new designs" from the brand mastermind Su WuKou. Instead, Su created the entire collection by boldly plagiarizing the styles based off his favourite personal pieces from various brands with his unique twists. Su’s signature sarcastic Chinese character design is again evident in this collection, such as the “Sleeve” embroidery placed at the sleeves of the Long Sleeve Polo, or “Collar” in Chinese characters stitched at the neck area. Furthermore, on the backside of each item, Su fearlessly included the original designers, when the item was purchased, where it was purchased from, and his own interpretations of the piece. Even, each piece has embroidery indicating a web link of where to purchase the fabric used.  

The only original design from “The Fake” collection, is the hangtag that comes with the pieces. The hangtag includes the patterns of a non-manufactured piece from the collection, which allows buyers to create a garment which is another degree of plagiarizing.

Contrary to “The Fake” collection, the counterpart capsule collection, “Banana Smile”, is dominated with creative graphics and vivid colours. One design in this collection that jumps out is the creepy Facial Icon, which was created by Su years ago. Su’s creativity is on full display with the MA-1 Bomber Scarf, Natural Leather Belt with the corresponding Chinese character Buckle, and the Rabbit Fur Soccer Scarf.

Lastly is the highly anticipated Canvas Sneakers, where Su Wukou brilliantly injects his creativity into the classic low profile skateboard sneakers. Details such as exaggerated toe cap with glossy finish, extended heel tab and outrageous Chinese character embroideries definitely add some unforeseen elements to the perfect summer sneakers.

Initially released at our SS17 Launch Party, remaining quantities of the full collection available online and in store now.