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We are excited to add Snow Peak to our 17 Spring Summer lineup. Snow Peak was founded in 1958 by an accomplished mountaineer, Yukio Yamai out of the discontent for the available mountain gear at the time. The birthplace of Snow Peak, Sanjo City, is a renowned industrial area for its history of fine crated metal work, yet surrounded by rivers and streams along with a range of mountains. The two seemingly contrasting elements inspired Yukio Yamai to create products that are durable and functional, which is evident in the popular Titanium gear Snow Peak has to offer. Lisa Yamai, the granddaughter of Yukio, started Snow Peak Apparel in 2014, with hopes to combine outdoor lifestyle with fashion.

The first SS17 delivery from Snow Peak brings together comfort for outdoor lifestyle and minimalistic yet detailed menswear.The Organic TeeShirt and Smooth Raglan are made with 100% chemical-free organic cotton, creating a safe and silky touch in texture.Innovation is another element Snow Peak is known for, and it's evident in the WG (WholeGear) Stretch Knit Pullover where the sweater is knitted in one-piece via 3D printing; the Dry & Stretch Comfort Trip Shirt features the DotAir technology with micro-ventilating outlets throughout the shirt for optimal drying and stretching. Lastly we also brought in the popular Snow Peak outdoor gear in the Titanium Cup and Sake Bottle, both lightweight and insulating. First delivery available now in store and online.