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As the winter season continues its full throttle, we put together a feature that showcases our Fall/Winter 16 outerwear options, ranging from down filled jacket and PrimaLoft equipped mac coat by Norse Projects to timeless leather jacket from Chapter. Along with specific features and warmth ratings, this ENTRy post should help you decide the best option to get through the winter based on your needs. 


Norse Projects "Elias" Military Cotton Jacket 


1. Removable PrimaLoft Liner
Compared to traditional down, PrimaLoft remains effective against the cold weather even when wet. The compact property of PrimaLoft brings warmth and slim design together. 

2. DWR Exterior
The Elias is made with Korean cotton fabric (Durable Water Repellent), along with the fully taped seam construction, the Elias is the ideal option for rainy costal winter. 

Warmth Rating: 9 / 10 

Model is also wearing:
-Guerrilla Group 8 Panel Contrast Cap "AH03"
-Guerrilla Group ATC Quickdraw Holster "AV02" 



Chapter Jord Overcoat 


1. Wool / Nylon Blend
The blend of wool and nylon creates an incredibly soft texture, making it a great alternative for those who find wool texture sensitive to their skin. 

2. Wool Exterior
Aside from the luxurious texture, wool is often used for outerwear exterior because of its water resistant property, thus making the Jord able to withstand light rain. 

3. 3% Spandex
Similar to many other pieces by Chapter, the Jord overcoat, is made with 3% Spandex, making it very forgiving when layering with a heavy fleece hoodie underneath. The Jord is a great option for those who prefers variety even during the winter seasons.

Warmth Rating: 5 / 10 

Model is also wearing:
-Chapter Dose Turtleneck Sweater
-Mr Completely Factory Hoodie  


Norse Projects Thor Padded Jacket


1. PrimaLoft Filling
The synthetic down brings warmth and lightweight together, making the Thor a great traveling option. 

2. Nylon Exterior 
Combining with the 100% nylon exterior, the Thor Padded Jacket is the most lightweight outerwear option we have to offer this season. The timeless mac coat aesthetic makes it the perfect piece for layering on a light breezy spring day. 

Warmth Rating: 7 / 10

Model is also wearing:
-Norse Projects x Hestra Utsjo Gloves "Rapeseed"  
-Chapter Dose Turtleneck Sweater


Norse Projects Thor Storm Wool Coat 


1. Italian Woven Wool
Adding a functional twist to the classic mac coat, the Thor coat is now equipped with woven wool from renowned Italian wool manufacturer Loro Piana that allows it to be water resistant.

2. Zipper and Button Front Closure
With the added zipper closure, the Romanian-made Thor Storm is an excellent choice for windy winter weather. 

Warmth Rating: 7/10

Model is also wearing: 
-Mr Completely Factory Hoodie
-Mr Completely Long Sleeve Pocket Tee "Bone"


Chapter Wil Leather Jacket 

1. Updated Designs:
The timeless Wil leather jacket is made with 100% leather with a touch of updated designs, such as the loop ring detail, zipper sleeve cuffs and a modern slim design.

Let's be real, if you are cool enough to rock a biker leather jacket, you probably don't care too much about staying warm. 

Swag Rating: 10/10 

Model is also wearing:
-Chapter Jord Overcoat
-Chapter Yuri Tee "Grey" 


Norse Projects Willum Down Poplin 2.0 

1. Goose Down Fill
The warmest and coziest jacket we have to offer is the Willum Down Poplin 2.0. Loaded with 90% goose down and 10% feather, with an impressive 600 fill power.

2. Nylon Outer
Shielded with a nylon outer, the Willum is an ultra lightweight jacket that will not disappoint you on a harsh winter day. 

Warmth Rating: 10 / 10

Model is also wearing:
-Norse Projects x Johnstons Lambswool Scarf "Mouse Grey"
-Mr Completely Long Sleeve Pocket Tee "Bone"


Chapter Pom Coat 


1. Wool and Rayon
The luxurious Pom is made with 60% wool with silky viscose rayon lining for a comfortable texture. The elegant tan colour adds a dash of autumn hue to your dark coloured scheme winter wardrobe. 

Warmth Rating: 7/10 

Model is also wearing: 
Norse Projects x Johnstons Lambswool Scarf "Mouse Grey"
Chapter Carl Pant "Black"